Handmade Fruits Bags

As mentioned in my Fruits Cards post, I have a penchant for fruits patterns, so I have wanted to make fruits bags for a long time! The perfect excuse to make a fruits bag came when it was time to get my sister a gift for her the birth of her first child. My sister has a thing for lemons (What is it with my family and lemons right now? My boyfriend also just purchased a lemon tree for our apartment...) so I thought it would be cute to make a handmade diaper/baby lemon bag for her, and fill it with baby products.

I followed this pattern for the XL tote bag (shown in 5th picture down) but rather than use canvas as the interfacing, I used a thick, quilted fabric, so that the bag was super soft, kind of like a Vera Bradley bag. For the smaller tote bag, I made my own pattern based on the Mood University pattern I linked above. After I took these photos, I actually made a medium-sized tote bag, which happens to be my favorite size I've made so far!

I'm going to be adding these bags to my Etsy shortly, and will be selling these in person at Hester Street Fair in NYC. Each one of these bags is handmade completely by me and takes a few hours at least! They are a labor of love and I hope to make more handmade bags to sell, that are even more complex, very soon!

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