Fruits Cards

Disclaimer: this is actually a really old project (and photos) but I love how these cards came out so much that I needed to add them to my website. Here's the story behind these...

Long before I knew what Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop were, I had an idea: I wanted to make a line of products with fruits patterns all over them. I wanted to design Fruits! notebooks, folders, pencil cases, makeup cases (and basically anything else I could think of). Unfortunately, I lacked not only the resources to make these products come to life, but also any experience with computer design programs. But, was that really going to stop me? No–nothing stops me!! I knew that if I couldn’t make the physical products, I would, at the very least, see the patterns come to life.

So, I started making the patterns on Microsoft Word. Once I learned of Adobe Illustrator, Fruits! cards became my first endeavor. As mentioned above, though these cards were my very first design project, they are still one of my favorite pieces of work, and I sell a variation of them on my Etsy shop. This project also inspired my Handmade Fruits Bags, featured on this website. Can't go wrong with a fruit pattern!

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